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Holistic Horse Health Care

Equine Positional Release TM is a holistic system of horse health care based on non force self corrective manual therapy and building cooperative horse-human relationships.

Equine Positional Release (EPR) teaches safe humane horse skills.


Equine Positional Release practice encompasses:

  • The nature of the horse.
  • A holistic approach to horse health care.
  • Healthful, sustainable practice. 
  • Essential elements for horses to live and thrive in a domestic setting.
  • Safety requirements for people and horses to live and work together.
  • Non force manual therapy to stimulate self corrective neuromuscular reflexive responses.
  • Positional Release
  • Joint Mobilisation
  • Indirect Structural Adjustment
  • Isometric Strengthening and Re-educational Techniques
  • Postural Education Exercises
  • Groundwork Exercises
  • Ridden Biomechanical Exercises
  • Non force training for the horse and rider.
  • Horse and rider biomechanical training.

EPR Online Study Program - Preview

EPR Online Study Program - An Introduction to Equine Positional Release.

The course introduces:

  1. EPR theory, including EPR principles.
  2. Non force theory.
  3. A holistic approach to horse health assessment.
  4. Palpation skills.
  5. Rapport building exercises.
  6. Equine gestures and signs and pain.
  7. Techniques for assessing and mobilising the:
  • Front leg and hind legs, including range of motion.
  • Shoulders.
  • Sacrum.
  • Coccyx.


13 short videos introducing EPR theory, exercises and techniques.
A comprehensive introductory EPR Training Manual.

An EPR Workbook.

Price: $416 AUD

With 16 hours CEU's $516 AUD

For more information contact: Zarna Carter - zcs@protonmail.com

To purchase: EPR Training Shop

EPR Online Study Group

Working with the Self Corrective Reflexes - September 2021

Preview of the recent EPR Online Study Group - Working with Self Corrective Reflexive Responses.

A link to the full recording is available for purchase for $80.

To purchase contact: Zarna Carter - zcs@protonmail.com

Short Videos

EPR Iliopsoas Technique - Short Lever.

A short video demonstrating this simple technique to mobilise the spine, pelvis and hind leg to improve balance and forward motion.


A series of short videos showing techniques, hand placement, body positioning and response of the horse.

EPR General Shoulder Release.

A short video demonstrating this simple technique to mobilise the shoulder, improve balance and forward motion.

Ilium Technique - Dorsal Rotation.

A short video demonstrating mobilising the ilium, aiding movement and alignment of the lumbosacral and sacroiliac joints.

Health care tailored to the needs of the horse

The holistic, cooperative approach of EPR enables communication between the horse and person, allowing the horse to communicate what they need from the practitioner and horse person, and to sustain a healthy and happy life in their domestic environment.

Holistic Medicine

Nature of the Horse

EPR Techniques

Herbal Medicine



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