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Treating the Whole Horse

Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual factors shape the overall health of the horse.


A holistic approach Includes the dynamic interaction of the horse, the horse-person and the lived environment.


Holistic medicine tailors the treatment to each horse, treating the whole horse, not only the symptoms or disease.

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Zarna offers:

Clinic appointments at Unit 2 /23 Heathersay Ave, Aldinga Beach, South Australia, 5173

Property and farm visits.

Phone consultations.

Video consultations.


Holistic Health Appointments:

60 minutes AU$120.

Includes: Overall health assessment, health history, gait assessment and EPR treatment. Herbal, homoeopathic and/or nutritional prescription and recommendations as required. EPR home exercises provided.


Horse-Rider Session:

60 minutes AU$120.

Includes: Horse postural and gait assessment and rider postural and bio-mechanical assessment. EPR horse-rider positional release treatment with the horse and the horse-rider team under saddle as required. EPR home exercises provided.


Medicine Costs:

Herbal and Homoeopathic medicines costs vary. Options be discussed during the appointment.


Travel cost:

50c/km applies beyond a radius of 50 km radius of Aldinga Beach. Can be negotiated for several horses.


Area visits and Group Bookings:

Area visits and group bookings are welcome and can offset travel costs, depending on location.


EPR Treatment

Holistic, non force equine manual therapy.

Horse-Rider Session

Holistic, non force manual therapy for horse and rider.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine for horses. Medicinal and nutritional use of herbs for horses.

Homoeopathic Medicine

Homoeopathic medicine for horses. Constitutional and symptomatic treatments.

Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional medicine and dietary advice for horses.

"From the moment you meet Zarna you realize she’s the real deal. From then on, it’s an exploration of the depth of her knowledge, experience and skill. A seasoned horse woman from an early age, her understanding and respect for horses is second nature to her. It is this authenticity that allows her to grasp the subtleties and complexities of restoring your horse to it's natural balance and well-being. She moves seamlessly between her vast knowledge and experience of homeopathy, herbs and EPR, to bring an unparalleled ability to meet your horse’s needs. 

Zarna’s response is clear and uncompromising of the needs of your horse. What you may not be able to understand in her work, your horse does. Trust is established almost immediately. It is lovely to watch your horse relax under her hands and look towards her for the care they have been waiting for - to be listened to and treated with dignity, care, and the ability to actually shift unhealthy patterns to restore health.  Whether you are a pleasure rider or work with high level performance horses, whether your horse has a chronic condition or an acute episode, you cannot find a better match to take your horse to it's fullest potential."


Susan Davis

Equine Acupuncturist

Maryland, USA

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Mobile: +61 477 945 006